Mirosuna Sound Meditation - Audio File

Mirosuna Sound Meditation - Audio File


The question I get asked most after my Sound Meditation session is ‘Where can I get the recording?’

Whilst a recording will never sound as good as the actual session, it is a really good tool to have in between your sessions. I specifically recorded this for people who really need some relaxation at home or perhaps have troubles falling asleep.

In this track, I play the Tibetan Singing Bowls for you in a soft and soothing way to help lull you into a trance and slow down your brainwaves to help you find peace and calm.

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This is suitable for those:

  • Who have already been to a Mirosuna Sound Meditation before or are not able to attend one in person

  • Who have troubles sleeping

  • Needing to de-stress and to slow down the busy mind

  • Wanting a meditation aid or complementary tool

  • Wanting 30 minutes of time to themselves to reconnect, relax and find peace within themselves

Important Instructions

  • Listen to my ‘Instructions + Guided Meditation’ file below BEFORE you listen to the sound meditation file, if it is your first time listening to my sound meditation

  • Lay down or sit in a comfortable position with eyes shut

  • Reduce all external distractions possible and ask others not to disturb you

  • Try to listen to the track in full if you have enough time

  • When listening, try and focus on the sounds that you are hearing and let yourself drift off. Every time you think about other things, come back to the sound until you feel fully relaxed

  • It is okay to fall asleep if you do, the track is designed to be relaxing!

  • Use this track with headphones only, it will sound too loud if you use it with your speakers

  • Play this track on a soft volume, just loud enough so that you can hear it