Hydrate - Organic Hibiscus

Hydrate - Organic Hibiscus


Tea by Life of Cha - 20 Serves

100% Premium Whole Hibiscus

Hibiscus Hibiscus tea is deep ruby red in color with a sour taste like cranberry juice. This tea has a reputation for its calming and mood enhancing effects due to its flavonoid antioxidants. The Hibiscus flower is also known for a wide range of health benefits making it not just another pretty tea. It is also low in calories and caffeine-free. 

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You can enjoy a Life of Cha tea at a Mirosuna Sound Meditation.

What does it do for me?

  • Full of ELECTROLYTES to quench thirst

  • Aids in lowering BLOOD PRESSURE

  • Rich in Vitamin C to boost IMMUNITY

How to enjoy
Can be brewed hot or cold. Add a dash of raw honey or rock sugar for a hydrating tonic.
2 pcs | 1 cup | 100°C | 3-5min | 3-4 brews


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