Balance - 100% Australian Green Tea

Balance - 100% Australian Green Tea


Tea by Life of Cha - 60 Serves

100% Australian Grown Sencha Green Tea & Strawberry Gum

This is a wild harvested and caffeinated green tea that features Strawberry Gum. Strawberry Gum is an Australian medium sized tree that indigenous Australians would chew the leaves of and use as their version of ‘chewing gum’ with a sweet berry flavour. When put in tea, it gives the tea a fresh strawberry aroma which is sweet and citrusy to the nose.

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You can enjoy a Life of Cha tea at a Mirosuna Sound Meditation.

What does it do for me?

  • A rich source of POLYPHENOLS to help BALANCE GUT FLORA which aids in bloating, digestive issues, energy levels and immunity.

How to enjoy
Enjoy warm or iced.
1 tsp | 1 cup | 80°C | 3min | 1 brew

Anytime but perhaps not before bed time if caffeine affects you.

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