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“I’ve realised, for me, happiness is about being able to help others on their journey, as I continue on mine.”

- Sally Kellett, Director of Mirosuna


I have always practised my spirituality ever since I was young. For me, it is not a religious practice. It's just about connecting with my truth, living the 'real me'. But as I got older, I got stuck on the life trajectory that society tells us is ‘normal’. I did all the things society said to do. Work hard, very hard. Get a loan, buy the house, look after the needs of everyone around us…

I had so much, yet I felt so empty.

So  I doubled down on my mindfulness practice and started shedding all the layers that weren't me. I lived my life with more and more mindfulness as I searched deeper and wider for happiness and meaning.

Years later, I can honestly say that I am now the happiest I have ever been. That doesn't mean my life is perfect, but the way I view life now is very different. 

Despite finding the keys to long-lasting and true happiness, I realised that it still wasn't happiness if no one around me was happy. 

At this point, I decided to create Mirosuna so I could help others on their journey as I am on mine. My soul mission is to teach you practical tools and lessons to practise mindfulness in a structured and effective way, one that feels natural to you without the bells and whistles. I call this mindfulness without the woo or really, without the bull****.

I invite you to join our community here at Mirosuna, and start living with more peace, perspective and purpose.

This is the Mirosuna way.

Sally Kellett

Founder of Mirosuna

Meditation Instructor in Melbourne

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