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Mirosuna Sounds

Welcome to our meditation audio series

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The desire for happiness is universal.

Mirosuna Sounds explores the way in which we connect with virtues and in doing so, find happiness.

By creating space for change, we find positivity and peace with the world around us. In the series, we look at different practices of virtue and techniques that can genuinely change our lives.


Welcome to our first series

Connecting with Virtue


Virtue – ‘The practice of goodness, moral and higher ground’

The Mirosuna StoryHighlighting the personal and professional journey of Mirosuna’s Founder – Sally Kellett, she shares on The Shiv Show, what inspired her to create Mirosuna and the mission it sets out to achieve. We learn about Mirosuna’s philosophy and how it aspires to help people find real happiness in today’s world.

Impermanence - The seemingly fixed and solid world you see around you actually is in a state of flux. Our senses may not be able to detect minute changes, but everything is always changing. In this practice, we learn to full appreciate this so we can appreciate our experiences without clinging to them. It also helps us appreciate each and every precious moment of time as we know it will definitely change whether for the better or worse. Nothing is real but this moment.

Happiness -  What is it really? We go through different stages of our lives where we experience happiness in different ways and on different levels. Some of us know what happiness is but others search their lives trying to define it. What is happiness really and how can we find happiness right here, right now, with what we have got.

Patience – Patience is the virtuous mind that remains calm and indifferent when difficult situations arise. Whilst we cannot always control what is happening around us, we can control our mind. We can aim to perfect our patience to combat our anger and impatience. In this episode, we explore the benefits and ways of practicing patience to live life with more peace and perspective.

Generosity– Cultivate the positive mind of giving, with pure intention, love and compassion. We have all benefited from the generosity of others, by practicing giving from the depths of our heart, we can experience tremendous joy and happiness within ourselves.