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The Mirosuna Way

Sound Meditations for Busy People

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Mindfulness without the woo

The increasingly stressful life that we live is causing a great need for everyone to practice mindfulness. However for many, mindfulness may be some odd, mystical, 'woo-woo' new age thing – but it doesn't have to be.

Mirosuna gives busy people a practical way to practice and experience mindfulness. A way that is welcoming and without the WOO.

My mindfulness and sound meditation classes are deep relaxation experiences where I help you get out of your mind and connect with yourself. Get out of autopilot and rein your attention to the present.

Sound meditation has been used for centuries for deep relaxation and meditation. I harness the soothing sounds and vibrations of Tibetan & Alchemy singing bowls to produce trance-like sounds that calm your thoughts and make you feel relaxed and present in the moment.

It’s an easier alternative for those who find meditation or ‘switching off’ challenging.

All you have to do is lay down, close your eyes and focus on the transcendental sounds played to you live in our guided session.




Top Rated Mindfulness Meditations in Melbourne


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What is ‘Mirosuna’
Defn: Create Space for Change

Mi - My
Ros – Kairos – Ancient Greek word meaning a perfect moment to take action
Una – Lacuna – Ancient Latin word meaning a blank space

Combining these three words makes up Mi-ros-una, meaning ‘My perfect moment to create space for change’.

Mirosuna gives busy people the tools and teachings to practise mindfulness in their everyday life without necessarily having to ‘make time’ to do so.

How do you do this? Well I know it’s incredibly hard to find even 10 minutes ‘to just breathe’ or meditate everyday. Mirosuna’s philosophy is about living a mindful life through our daily actions of our mind, body and speech.

Paying close attention and disengaging autopilot allows us to shed away our negativities, reconnect with our true self and find real happiness with what we already have. This is what I call creating space for change.

Everything I do is to help you on your journey as I am on mine. I am always busy putting together sound meditation classes, mindfulness workshops, writing blogs and creating useful resources for you.

I welcome you to the Mirosuna community!

Sally Kellett
Founder of Mirosuna


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What is a ‘Sound Meditation’ or a ‘Sound Bath’?

When I first heard of ‘sound meditation’ or ‘sound baths’ as others call it, I imagined some New Age guru beating a giant gong or being in a room full of strangers having a bath together while listening to music. While this may be right up your alley, the truth is a lot less naked, doesn’t involve water and the experience goes way beyond just hitting something to make a noise.

The ‘bath’ part has nothing to do with bubbles and is just a way to help paint the picture of being ‘‘bathed” in sound.

It’s the use of sound and guided meditation as a tool to cultivate and support deep relaxation. There are different kinds of instruments out there, but ultimately the purpose is to create a gentle, yet powerful, experience that heals the body, clears the mind and heightens your meditation practice by helping to rein in your attention to the present.

I use Tibetan and Alchemy Crystal singing bowls for deep relaxation. These singing bowls have rich, humming sounds and deep harmonic vibrations that surround and penetrate our bodies when they’re tapped or rimmed with a mallet. There aren’t really words to describe the unique sounds and sensations so I really hope you can join me for a session in Melbourne.