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Workshop: Reconnecting with Your Truth

  • Melbourne Australia (map)
Mirosuna workshop.jpeg
  • Been in autopilot for too long?

  • Have you lost yourself for a while?

  • You are not living a life congruent with your soul?

  • Not sure if your thoughts and feelings really belong to you?

This workshop is for people who are trying to find their way back to their truth. If you do not feel fulfilled or feel that you are not truly able to show up in life as the real you, this workshop will identify just how far you have disconnected from yourself.

When I was young, I was so free to be me, then as I got older, I unknowingly became the person society told me to be. It wasn’t until my mid 20’s when I realised just how disconnected from my truth I was and that despite having all the material things, I still felt empty. Through my way of mindful living, I started shedding all the layers of crap that wasn’t me. I now live a very happy, fulfilled and meaningful life.

I will help you on your journey of self ‘re-discovery’ so you can get back in touch with the inner you and start living a life that is truly congruent with your soul.

During the workshop, you will also experience a Mirosuna Sound Meditation for deep self-reflection and integration of all the lessons learnt on the day. I will teach you how to reconnect with your inner voice and rise beyond all the external distractions that you don’t need in life. This is a transcendental experience which will bring you more perspective and peace. You can read my Beginners Guide to Sound Meditations here.

Workshop Outcomes

After this workshop, you will walk away:

  • with your priorities and what is really important to you

  • understanding the gap between the real you and the current you

  • realising how much you can let go of in your life that holds no value

  • learning how to create space for change, for you and for new mindful habits

  • being able to identify the opportunities for you to step up and say enough is enough

  • knowing how you can live a happier life with more meaning, purpose and perspective

Ticket Price: $85
Date: Placeholder is set for August 3rd 2-6pm but is subject to change
Location: To be determined
Spots will be limited to less than 10 so priority will be given to those who register first