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Sound Meditation @ ACU FITZ

  • ACU FITZ 47 Rose st Fitzroy Australia (map)
Mirosuna Sound meditation Melbourne ACUFITZ.jpg

A tranquil 1.5 hr experience on a Thursday night in Fitzroy to reflect on the week and take away mindfulness lessons for the remainder of the week. These meditations are designed to help us start living with more purpose and perspective with the lessons that we take away at each of these fortnightly meditations.

Walk into an ambient room that will immediately help you become present in the space then let us take you through a deep meditation and relaxation session that will melt your thoughts away. Following your trance, you will receive a light massage, aromatherapy or moxa treatment to bring your body back to awareness. To close the session, Life of Cha tea is served in our closing circle in which we get to discuss our experience with like-minded people. By the time you get home, you will feel restored and ready to finish the week with calm and positivity.

Sound meditation is a practice used for centuries for physical healing, clarity of mind and deep meditation. I use Tibetan Singing Bowls to harness the soothing sounds and vibrations to help you feel truly at peace and present in the moment. This will help you reduce stress and give you a much needed break from all the external stimulation.

It is an easier alternative for those who find meditation or ‘switching off’ challenging. Helping to make mindfulness more accessible, to begin your practice all you have to do is lay down, close your eyes and focus single-pointedly on the transcendental sounds played to you live in our guided session.

Meditation physically changes the structure of your brain in ways that bring about healthier feelings, thoughts and behaviours. Those who meditate 10-30 minutes a day, are able to stay noticeably calmer in stressful and difficult situations.

By creating space for change, you welcome more happiness and all of the beautiful emotional states that our physical, spiritual and mental body desire.

Read my Beginners Guide to Sound Meditations here.