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Sister Retreat: Self-discovery Day Retreat

  • Sister Retreat Beach House 203 Eastbourne Road Rosebud Australia (map)

Co-hosted by Wendy Lim (PT for the Mind) & Tarlina Jayasinghe (Native Movement).


When women gather together, something magical occurs. We heal a little more, and from this, so does the World.

The mission of the Sister Retreat Series is an initiative to inspire authentic, self-accountability, for our sisters to see their true worth, beauty, power, to find soulful friendships and our collaborative potential. Sisters, women, mothers, girls, when we discover the immense power of coming together, and supporting one another, we are unstoppable in our divine feminine.

In many other cultures, women live as a Community of Sisters, and Harvard studies reaffirm that women who have a close Female Tribe stay healthier, are happier as they age, and are four times more likely to survive disease.

The February Sister Retreat Series are an in-person authentic connection experience that plants the seed of intention around themes which are most relevant for us. This Retreat series comes from a desire to build deep bonds of sacred sisterhood and elevate the ways we relate to this support, feel heard, are able to listen, and recognize our collective potential.

With such amazing Women being drawn to our Retreats, we know you’ll discover the most precious gift, of lifelong sisters.


1st Sister Retreat - Self-Discovery Day-Treat
Sunday Feb 3rd 
10:00 am - 5:00 pm 
*Optional Overnight-Treat also available, limited spots.


Sunday Morning - Outdoor Gathering
10:00 am – Welcome at Sorrento Park by the Beach and Smudging Ceremony
10:30 am – Playshop Discussion in Circle 
12:00 pm - Lunch in Sorrento at local cafes or bring your own lunch

Sunday Afternoon - Sister Retreat House Circle 
1:30 pm – Tea / Meditation
1:45 pm - Retreat House Deep Sister Discussions / Mind Mapping / Writing
3:00 pm – Break with Snack / Fruit/ Tea 
3:30 pm – Mirosuna Sound Healing Workshop
4:15 pm – Closing Discussions
5:00 pm – Goodbye to Day Retreat folk


Sunday Evening - Sunset & Star Gazing
5:00 pm - Break / Reading / Journaling / Exploring
6:00 pm - Dinner
7:30 pm – Sunset Coastal Walk
8:00 pm – Music / Campfire
9:00 pm - Star Gazing Meditation

Monday Morning - Sleep in
Sleep in / Relax / Laze About
9:00 am – 11:00 am – Breakfast Available
11:30 am – 12:00 pm - Checkout Anytime

What’s included in this experience:

  • Radical Authentic communication

  • Wilderness immersion

  • Sound healing with Tibetan Singing Bowls by Mirosuna

  • Sister circles for authentic expression and deep connection

  • Experienced facilitators for self-discovery

  • Guided Yoga & Meditation breaks throughout the day & overnight retreat by trained Teachers

  • Meditation by the Beach

  • Spa sessions at Sister Retreat House

  • Wholesome & delicious Dinners and Breakfasts, snacks and snack platters (Overnight-Treat only)

  • Quality yoga equipment, props, blocks, mats, essential oils

Topics covered in Sisters Retreat Series

  • See new possibilities for your future

  • Recognise negative thoughts, shame, judgement

  • Improve powerful choices for the New Year

  • Find confidence

  • Create inspiration action plan for fulfilling dreams

  • Connect more deeply with life purpose

  • Have relationship breakthroughs that strengthen or ignite deeper meaningful relationships

  • Create more abundance, fun, freedom in life

  • Love your body and self through radical self-acceptance

This Retreat Series does not focus on the surface level discussions, but really moves to the core of some of the questions, challenges and blocks that sometimes inhibit us from expressing our truth, seeing our greatness, accepting our highest potential and exploring even more meaningful relationships with ourselves and others.


$125 per person, Day-Treat Option (Lunch not included) 
Previously $145 per person with lunch
Sunday 10:00 am - 5:00 pm
Playshops / Deep Discussions / Sound Healing Session

$295 per person, Full Overnight-Treat Option
Sunday 10:00 am - Monday 12:00 pm 
All Activities / Nourishing Dinner & Breakfast / Accommodation included

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For any questions email Wendy at or Tarlina at