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MINDFULNESS PRACTICE: 30 Days of Lessons I've learnt

When people say you never stop learning in life, it’s true.

BUT how often do we stop and reflect on the life lessons we have learnt and what new things we discover about ourselves?

Here is a 30 Day Mindfulness Practice for you to try!

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What is Happiness

When I ask people “Are you happy?”, the most common response is “Yes, I am.”

Truth is, this is actually a very deep question yet people are very quick to respond. Most the time, the ego says “I have a lot of good things in my life that I should grateful for - a house to live in, money, my family around me and I’m going on holidays next month! So yeah, I’ve got no complaints. I’m happy.”

Whilst we find happiness in people and things happening around us, make no mistake, this WILL NOT LEAD TO REAL HAPPINESS. Read on to see what happiness really is.

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How I got into Mindfulness

People always ask me how I got into Mindfulness. Everyone finds their way to mindfulness in different ways. Some may have experienced a traumatic event, perhaps you got inspired by someone else or maybe you don’t feel like you have found your way to it yet.

No journey is the same. In this blog, I open up and share my journey with you.

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Busting the 8 myths of 'Mindfulness'

‘Mindfulness’ is so misunderstood these days. It is seen as the next big trend, a buzz word, some ‘woo woo’ and weird thing that people do when sitting in a room and share their feelings.

Through this blog, I set the record straight to determine what Mindfulness IS and IS NOT.

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