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Sharing my story - on The Shiv Show Podcast

In January 2019, I sat down with my friend Shiv Radhakishun, who hosts and produces his own podcast - The Shiv Show. Not only has he offered me tremendous support, but he’s also very passionate about sharing other people’s success stories.

Read about my chat with Shiv on how Mirosuna all began, the lessons I’ve learnt so far and what keeps me going as I continue on my journey with Mirosuna.

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QUIZ: Are your Burnt Out?

Sometimes the biggest growth in our life happens when we are the most down and broken. Everyone has or most likely will experience burning out at some stage. It even gets to the strongest people.

It is really important to know how to identify burning out and working through the emotions of it. It is equally important to learn how this tough time in your life can strengthen you as as person.

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