The meaning behind 'Mirosuna'

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Living in autopilot

What does a day in your life look like?
Are you stuck in a continuous cycle of hard work with each day blurring into the next?
Do you convince yourself into saying ‘yes’ to things, even when your gut says no?
Have you ever looked at yourself in the mirror and thought ‘what am I doing with my life?’

The truth is, many of us are living life on autopilot. We want to project an elite sense of adventure and living life on the edge. We read motivational quotes like ‘be yourself, everyone else is taken’, and we care so much about what other people think and expect of us. We take pride in saying we are busy when someone asks us ‘how are you?’ when we actually feel burnt out from living a hectic life.

It’s crazy how we’ve created a culture that puts financial and material success on a pedestal, while we’re left feeling increasingly disconnected between how our head tells us to feel versus what our heart actually wants. It’s like we’re trapped in a cycle of negativity, with occasional beams of positivity in between.

Before we know it, the days, months and years pass right before our eyes. We get to a point where we feel trapped and realise that something is missing. We feel empty. We get to the end of the road and realise we haven’t lived our truth or been as happy as we could’ve been - and this would be a waste of our time. We don’t want to be on our death bed with this regret.

But I come bearing good news!

Practicing Mindfulness

We are all capable of change. It starts by questioning our reality and practicing mindfulness and by reconnecting to who we REALLY are and in doing so, living a life that is truly congruent with what we desire.

Mindfulness is a useful tool for noticing and removing yourself from this harmful cycle. It helps you gain more mental clarity and emotional freedom which nourishes you. When you reach this state, you start letting go of all the bullshit and baggage you’ve been carrying to recognise and reconnect to who you REALLY are.

Over time, positive thinking leads to greater fulfilment, happiness and compassion, whilst negative thinking manifests into a toxic pattern of anxiety, depression and isolation. This sounds simple enough on paper, so why aren’t more of us practising this?

It’s because it is hard.

Even if you know that practising mindfulness can help, it’s hard to know where to start. You get bamboozled by everything out there. There is a lack of guidance.

But these aren’t reasons why you should stop practising it.

The answers aren’t going to just show up overnight, but at Mirosuna I believe it starts with creating space for change. Reframe our mind, so that we dial up positive thinking and dial down negative thinking.

Research has shown:

Increasing positive emotion and pleasure + Decreasing negative emotion = Increasing Happiness

Out of your 100% capacity during the day, fill it with as much positive emotion as possible. The more you fill it with positivity, the less room there is for negativity. Remember, that whatever you choose to feel, your brain remembers these neural paths and it WILL become your new default.

Mirosuna helps you find opportunities to convert your negative thinking into positive thinking. It’s much easier when you are guided. Over time, you will notice each a decline in your negative thinking, leading you to greater happiness.

The meaning of Mirosuna

When I began my mindfulness journey, I felt like I was going about it alone and was overwhelmed with the sheer number of methods out there that sounded promising. I would just Google something, try it for a few days and then give up. Over time, and with the guidance of teachers, I learnt how to create space for change and truly apply my practice in my everyday life. This was my turning point. I now help others on their journey as I am on my own - leading me to create Mirosuna. Each event I host, every resource I share and each piece of advice I give is about being as practical as possible in guiding you to find more peace and happiness.

People ask me what Mirosuna means. When I was deciding on a name, I couldn’t find a word that summed up what I wanted this community to represent. So I went ahead and made up my own:

‘Mi’ means my. Ros comes from the ancient Greek word ‘Kairos’ meaning a perfect moment to take action. Una comes from an ancient Latin word ‘Lacuna’ meaning a blank space. Combining these three words makes up Mi-ros-una, meaning ‘my perfect moment to create space for change’.

Your perfect moment is now.

Originally, I was worried that people like yourself, wouldn’t remember or understand this word. But there really is no other word that perfectly sums up how I want you to feel when you experience mindfulness for yourself. My only hope is that the Mirosuna way resonates with you and I genuinely welcome you to join my community and find more fulfilment, meaning and connection.