How I got into Mindfulness

Photo credit: Joanna Kosinska

Photo credit: Joanna Kosinska

My mindfulness journey started ever since I was a young and It has always been like climbing a set of stairs. I would grow exponentially, then plateau, then another step up, plateau and repeat. In this blog, I share my journey openly and whole-heartedly with you. Maybe some parts of my journey sound ridiculous to you but I didn’t want to omit it because everything I have gained in life has led me to the next thing. If it wasn’t for everything along the way, I would certainly not be who I am today.

I was always drawn to exploring my spirituality. I just felt like there was something more out there, more than just this human plain of existence. I believe in something bigger than myself.

What is Spirituality to me?

Spirituality is my practice for connecting with my truth.⁣

  • Being the person that is congruent with my soul and who I am deep down

  • Knowing myself - the good and the bad

  • Accepting my vulnerabilities

  • Using mindfulness to be a better person for myself and others like yourself

Spirituality is my life journey of self-discovery, finding my truth, practicing my truth and helping others on their journey as I am on mine.

My Journey

In my teenage years, I got more curious and explored a side that you would probably label as 'woo woo' and weird. I explored different modalities (with a teacher) like tarot cards, pendulums, crystal balls, ouija boards and guided meditation. Things got weird real quick in my life and everything became too much for me (energetically). I decided to stop practising and get on with ‘normal life’ but despite how weird all this got, I became so much more aware and this propelled my mindfulness practice. How?

Well firstly, I was taught how to meditate. Instead of having to learn on an ad hoc basis through Google and apps, I had a teacher guiding me week by week on how to quieten my mind and what to do during a meditation. I learnt to listen to my intuition. Learning not to just accept the answers the modalities gives you but really trying to connect to yourself and feel the right answer. I needed to raise my vibration. I discovered that mindfulness for me was being happy and living my truth. This does not necessarily require me to sort answers from these modalities when in fact, the answer is always within myself and that is the purest way to sort the truth.

Over the next few years, I found myself a meditation teacher. This time, I focused on furthering my meditation practice and connecting deeper with my intuition week by week. This heightened my sense of empathy and helped me understand that we are all energetically connected, all wishing to just be…happy and at peace. I would meet up with the group every week, discuss the challenges in our lives and we'd heal through collectively meditating on them. Everyone would always walk away with more wisdom and positivity. You could just feel the energy change, just like how when people enter my sound meditations to when they leave, it's a completely different energy. What I learnt here was that no matter what people were going through in life, the ups and the downs, meditating ALWAYS makes you feel better. It brings clarity, gratitude and peace to your situation. It helped me find the answers I needed as I created space to connect with myself on a deeper level, using my intuition.

In my early 20's, my mindfulness practice plateaued again. I stopped going to meditation class as my hectic corporate career began in the IT industry. This was such an exciting time in my life. I was learning so much, had a big social life and chased my career goals and ambition. But after a few years, I realised that I was living 'life' in such a humanly way of existence. Then I also realised that so many people around me were doing the same. Work hard, very hard. Get a loan, buy the house, rushing from place to place, goal to goal. But this way of living can lead to a sense of emptiness, loneliness, a longing for fulfilment and purpose and an increase in stress, anxiety and depression. It also can make you feel so over-worked and completely deprived of self-nourishment.

We can have so much materially, yet still not feel happy or fulfilled.

At this point, I decided to move away from Sydney and move to Melbourne in search for more. To a city less hectic and one which would value community and a balanced lifestyle a bit more. No offence to Sydney-siders, it's still my home but I absolutely LOVE Melbourne and the lifestyle values this city has! Moving to Melbourne allowed my mindfulness practice to flourish again because there is such a big mindfulness community here. What I learnt from this move is that your environment has a significant impact on your wellbeing. I understand that you can't always change the environment that you are in, but you can ALWAYS make other changes. Without change, there is no growth.

Up until this point, I always thought of practicing mindfulness as something I had to set aside time for in my day but of course life inevitably gets in the way. After waking up early for work and going home late, setting aside time to do any practice was 'all too hard'. I needed a practical way of incorporating mindfulness in my day-to-day life. Lucky for me, I then met my next meditation teacher Jean (Psychology and Buddhism background) who taught me life lessons that would take my practice to a whole new level. I practiced a way of life that did not require me to be religious, dress in a certain way, be in a certain place or live a life that I wasn't already living today. It let me incorporate everything I have ever learnt up until this point and bring it to life.

This way of life was all about bringing awareness to my body, mind and speech and creating space for positive change - to find happiness. This change was holistic across my life - personal and work. With these lessons, everything changed - my priorities, the people I choose to have in my life, how I spend my time, my relationships with people, my perspective and behaviour. I learnt how to deal with my baggage, negative energy and bad situations. I found deep gratitude, acceptance, passion and long-lasting happiness. So much that I founded Mirosuna - a community of like-minded people on a journey for more: more fulfilment, more meaning and more connection.

I’ve realised, for me, happiness is about being able to help others on their journey, as I continue on mine.

Mirosuna is my life project. I can finally put my hand on my heart and say that I have found my passion and something that I truly love doing. Every blog or post that you read, every meditation that you attend, every nice comment you have made, has made me feel incredibly blessed and grateful for the change that I am making in this world.

And to close, if I had to give my 15 year old self advice about life, what would it be?

"Life will hit you with constant distractions that take you away from your truth and center. You can choose to live in line with societal expectations, in autopilot with one day blurring into the next and getting tangled in the daily stressors


you can create space for change and start living life with more peace, perspective and purpose that in congruent with what your soul desires."