MINDFULNESS PRACTICE: 30 Days of Lessons I've learnt


When people say you never stop learning in life, it’s true.

BUT how often do we stop and reflect on the life lessons we have learnt and what new things we discover about ourselves?

Literally, every day, if we pay attention, we will learn something new about ourselves and the lessons that we have learnt overtime. I kept a 30 day journal to pay attention and reflect on the important life lessons that I have learnt and live now by.

This is an easy mindfulness practice that you can do too! All you need is to keep a notepad and pen by your bedside and every night before you sleep, reflect on your day and write down your biggest takeaway or a lesson learnt.

Below, I share my 30 days of practice with you

April 1

I’ve come to learn that in my teens, it was all about finding myself. Then in my early 20’s, I was living that self. In my mid 20’s, I realised that self was just what society wanted me to be. In my late 20’s, I redefined myself and now in my 30’s, I’m finally living my truth and being comfortable with who I am, accepting my flaws and vulnerabilities, nurturing my strengths, setting boundaries and finding so much more meaning in my life.

April 2

Death has been one of my greatest teachers yet so many people are so uncomfortable with talking about it. One day I’ll learn a way to make people feel okay about it and transform it into their teacher.

April 3

It’s okay to have flaws, as long as I view them with openness and am trying.

April 4

I’ve come to learn that as humans, we view ourselves in such a set way. “Oh I don’t get anxiety”, “I’m not a sensitive person” or “I’m not into affection”. When really, we ARE ALL THE ABOVE but it just takes different conditions to bring those different facets out of us.

April 5

When we all just have one life and one death..Why does it all matter anyway? Every time I go through something bad, I ask myself this. Why am I holding on so tight to this issue, why does it matter so much! There are so many other good things that are worth my time and energy.

April 6

When I am faced with grief or anger, I need to stop rejecting them and instead, let them pass through me. Which means dealing with it and resolving it, even if it doesn’t feel good.

April 7

I’ve learnt that the times when I experience the greatest growth, are times when I journey inward. When I am alone, deep in my thoughts and reflection. When it is me and my thoughts without distraction, I grow the most.

April 8

I have learnt that nothing has changed externally. I have changed internally. What I want and how I now see things, has changed.

April 9

From having to lay down for almost 2 weeks after my eye surgery has showed me that my best ideas and revelations come when I give myself space, time and peace. Nothing great comes out of me when I am on autopilot and ‘busy’.

April 10

I swear I used to be a glass half empty kind of person but after years of my mindfulness practice, I have become a glass half full and go fill it up kind of person!

April 11

I have learn how to take breaks during the day to stop my brain from ramping up and up and up from when my alarm goes off. This helps me break out of autopilot a few times a day at least, significantly reducing my stress and anxiety.

April 12

The opposite to being on autopilot, is to be present.

April 13

Don’t worry. If I can control it, why worry? If I can’t control it, why worry?

April 14

I have learnt to be patient with Mirosuna. When I look back, every obstacle that I have been faced with, has been such a blessing as it routed me away from a bad decision. It has made both Mirosuna and me better and stronger.

April 15

If I try and please everyone, I am actually pleasing no one! Some people might not like what I have to say, but then I’m not talking to them anyway.

April 16

I have my timing and then the universe has its own! I guess I’ll just have to go with the natural rhythm of the universe!

April 17

My impatience can be tamed. Through the last 5 years+ of properly practising my patience, I have realised how far I have come. The things that used to irritate and annoy me, are now just something that make me giggle. Oh how I used to think they meant so much…

April 18

I should not have to suffer with anger for his mistakes. I transformed that anger into love and compassion. I feel sorry him. All he ever wanted was happiness but he went looking in all the wrong places. After years of working through this anger, I am finally free of it and I can now see it from a place of kindness.

April 19

Forgiveness is not me agreeing with other people’s wrong doings. Forgiveness is me choosing to let go of anger so that it no longer consumes me.

April 20

Healing HURTS! I totally understand why people don’t want to confront their trauma and hurt. Living in autopilot is so much easier. But I’ve learnt that if we don’t fix what’s in our mind, it very quickly finds its way to manifesting in sicknesses and pain in our bodies.

April 21

We can be happy, but we can ALWAYS be happier. We can always be better. My mindfulness practice is helping me maximise all that I can be and will be.

April 22

I have learnt that it’s okay to let go of one-sided friendships with people who don’t invest in your relationship with them. I used to put so much responsibility on myself to ‘maintain’ them but I no longer put that pressure on myself and IT IS OKAY to let go.

April 23

The only thing that is permanent in life, is its impermanence. Everything is constantly changing, even on the smallest scale that we cannot perceive. If things are always changing, good times will eventually change so we need to make the most of it. Bad times also change, so we take respite in knowing that it’ll one day be over.

April 24

I am learning how much joy I experience every time someone tells me how much Mirosuna has helped them. I never thought that I’d be doing this a few years ago and now that I am making positive change to my community, I have such fire in my belly to grow and help more people. Helping others on their journey as I am on mine gives me so much meaning in my life.

April 25

If I died tomorrow, I’d be happy. I am so incredibly humbled and grateful for all the good things I have been able to do on this earth. I live life with no regrets. I have absolutely lived my life to the fullest.

April 26

Today I go asked, ‘Do I like myself’. My answer was that I never ever thought about this question until recently. I’ve come to realise that I am liking the person I am becoming, not because I am perfect but because I have come to learn my vulnerabilities, accept my flaws (so long as I am trying) and I approach myself with openness and no judgement. This makes me feel so liberated, empowered and ALIVE.

April 27

The Law of Attraction IS REAL! Whatever you vibe out is what you attract back into your own life. So since starting Mirosuna, I have met so many like-minded people and found some really beautiful people that I genuinely connect with. This has given me so much support to keep on pursuing my dreams and feeling like I am seen and heard.

April 28

I am the happiest that I ever have been! I feel so fulfilled, my life has so much meaning and purpose. I wake up excited every day and I am extremely focused on doing things that make me happy. I no longer have the time and space for things that don’t matter to me. This is all because of my mindfulness practice, especially over the last half a decade +.

April 29

“Your purpose in life is to give your gift away” - Kira Westwick
I repeated this over and over in my head. There is no doubt in my mind that I feel like my life is full of purpose right now because everyday, I get to teach and inspire people on how to become happier and to live a more empowered life. Teaching and inspiring others is my gift.

April 30

Practicing mindfulness in an ad-hoc kind of way is somewhat beneficial but doing it this way can lead to inconsistency and a lack of prioritisation. It also means your growth can be patchy and unpredictable. When I practice in a structured way, my self development exponentially increases as does the level of happiness and passion I experience in life.

I’d love to know in the comments below if you are up for taking on this 30 Day challenge and some of your biggest insights into your own world!

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