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Sound Meditation

How sound can heal you

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Why Meditate

After over a decade of working within fast-paced, multinational corporate environments, Sally found that those surrounding her are stretching their mental capacity and strength to the point of neglecting their own physical, emotional and mental health. Whilst on her own journey of well-being, Sally found the benefits of meditation to be foundational to her own development and stability, though based on her experience acknowledges that it’s challenging for anyone to begin their own spiritual journey.

Meditation physically changes the structure of your brain in ways that bring about healthier feelings, thoughts and behaviours. Those who meditate 10-30 minutes a day, are able to stay noticeably calmer in stressful and difficult situations.

By creating space for change, you welcome more happiness and all of the beautiful emotional states that our physical, spiritual and mental body desire.

What is Sound Meditation

Sound meditation is a practice used for centuries for physical healing, clarity of mind and deep meditation. It is an easier alternative to traditional meditation. It harnesses the soothing sounds and vibrations of singing bowls to help you feel truly at peace and present in the moment.

It is a good alternative for those who find meditation or ‘switching off’ challenging. Helping to make mindfulness more accessible, to begin your practice all you have to do is lay down, close your eyes and focus single-pointedly on the transcendental sounds played to you live in our guided session.

Sally explains that sound meditation is something that can be extremely beneficial when practiced in the right environment. She also believes that meditation is nothing to be overwhelmed with and that each have their own journey. Those experiencing considerable stress, anxiety or a desire to invite a sense of calm in their life turn to Sally and her guided experiences.

Read my Beginners guide on Sound Meditations here.

How to prepare

Mirosuna Sound Meditations move you from a busy and active mind, to a peaceful and relaxed state. Distractions are minimised so that you can focus on the experience. Thus there is not much you need to do except come in 5-10 minutes prior to start winding down and to choose a mat. You will be guided through the meditation instructions before you lay down and immerse in the sounds.

It is recommended that you come in comfortable clothes, with a bottle of water, warm clothes (as your body temperature drops when drifting off) and a journal if you want to write down your experience. All we ask, is that you bring an open mind and commit to being present for the short time we are together.

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